Sunday, May 13, 2012

Summer Bucket List For Teenage Girls!:)

Hi, Im a 15 year old girl and my friend and I have set out to find awesome ways to have a great summer. So we made a summer bucket list. I wanted to share it with you because one of them is to make a blog. Don't forget to check out my other blogs!! :)

1. Make a Music Video
2. Create a photo journal
3. Have a picnic
4. Have a Over Night Movie Marathon
5. Have a Huge Bonfire
6. Have a water baloon fight
7. Make a summer tote bag
8. Bury a friend in the sand
9. Sleep in the Back yard
10. Water fight
11. Sign up for a summer reading list (you get stuff)
12. Make a smoothie
13. Make a barefoot sandal
14. Get a tan
15. Get a community events list and attend as most events as you can
16. Plan and enjoy a party
17.Do some flower projects
18.Spend a Day with 3 of my best friends
19. Fly a kite
20. Start a cool colection
21. Keep a summer diary
22. Make slushies
23. Go to kentucky
24.go to the fair everyday its open
25. Get ears pierced for a second time
26. Buy a fashion magazine, pick out outfits you like and recreate them for less
27. Clean your room
28. Redecorate your room
29. Make a nice dinner for your family
30. Plant flowers in your room
31. Order pizza
32.  Learn to Knit
33.Go to a water park
34. Do one "electric free" day
35. Dance in the rain
36.Go to a theme park
37. Do a chinese fire drill
38. Say yes to everything for a day
39. Convince someone im from a forjen country
40.  Enter a photograph contest
41. Super glue a quarter to the ground watch laugh
42. Buy something from the second hand store then wear or use it
43. Send someone a letter
44. go see a fortune teller
45. Become a expert at something
46. roast marshmellows
47. Buy a couple of fish
48. Bake really cute cup cakes
49. Hold a Garage sale, use prophets for summer funds
50. Pick an official summer song
51. Buy a bouqet of flowers
52. Ride horses take care of horses, anything horses
53. Carve my name in a tree
54.Hang out with my best friend
55. Go beach camping
56. Get a tatoo tan
57.Go to a flea market
58. Count how many friends you make all summer
59. Open a shop on Etsy
60. Customize a Bikini
61. Hand out lemons wearing a shirt that says life
62.Plank at random places and take pictures
63. Do something for a teacher
64. Visit an aquarium
65. Get 15 people to walk like an egyption with me
66.Sleep outside
67. Yell at the top of my lungs
68. Post all pictures on facebook
69. Make something wearable
70. Go on the ring of fire
71. stalk up on nail polish
72. finger paint
73. Start a memory box
74. devote a day to soccer
75. Go horse back riding
76. Send a message in a bottle
77. Plan a birthday party then do it
78. Stay awake to watch the sunrise and the sunset
79. Rebuild a friendship with someone i used to know
80. Say yes to every invitation for a week
81. Learn to extreme coupon
82. Throw a surprise party
83.  Make soda pops
84. Have everyone you see for a day sign you shirt
85. Steal bowling shoes
86. Hang a hose in a tree in the back yard and run though it
87. Have a beach scavenger hunt with pictures
88. Have a tea party with my little sisters
89. Find a four leaf clover
90. Bulid the best fort ever, EVER!
91. Paint each nail a differnt color
92. Try wearing make up, just once
93. Save 100 dollars and go school shopping
94. Celebrate summer day! its on the first day of summer which is June 20 (its a wednesday) celebrate doing summery things and have a cook out
95. Go to cedar point
96. Do somme Random dancing every five minutes for a day
97. Do something nice for your neighbors. If you dont love your neighbors you dont love god.
98. Get flat abs:)
99. Celebrate a forign holiday the way the locals do
100. Go to the mall try on wierd clothes and take pics in them
101. Do some tye dying
102. Go jet skiing
103. Tan on the roof of my car
104. All in all, act like a complete idiot.

        Thats all i have right now, i will add much more! soo stay tuned for more ideas. Have a great summer and i hope this helped!:)


  1. Hi! You should visit my bucket list website! I really enjoyed yours. Mine isn't completley finished yet, but check it out! keep watching for when it's published!

  2. You should take a look at my list!

  3. Love it! Totally taking some of your ideas when I create mine- will deff give you credit tho!

  4. omg are you from ohio cause thats where I live :) I just saw go to cedar point

    1. Omg haha im from Ohio, too! I'm from Cinci... wbu?

  5. Check out my own bucket list :)